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[To Bianca] "I've known for ten years that you have no sense of time." ~Cheren

"I wanted [name of starter Pokemon strong against the player's starter Pokemon] from the start anyway." ~Cheren

"Pokémon are amaaaaazing!!  So little, but so strong!" ~Bianca

[To Cheren] "With all you know, I'm sure you can battle without turning the [player's] room into a disaster area like I did!" ~Bianca

"I've finally become a Trainer... Everything starts from here!" ~Cheren

"All children go on adventures with Pokémon.  It's part of growing up." ~Bianca's Mom

"Ah, Pokémon.  They are so cute, but they have enough power to destroy a bedroom!  They are really something.  With Pokémon like that at your side, you'll be safe wherever you go!" ~Player's Mom

"I'm sure most of you believe that we humans and Pokémon are partners that have come to live together because we want and need each other.  However... Is that really the truth?  Have you ever considered that perhaps we humans...only assume that this is the truth?  Pokémon are subject to the selfish commands of Trainers... They get pushed around when they are our "partners" at work..." ~Ghetsis

"Pokémon are different from humans.  They are living beings that contain unknown potential.  They are living beings from whom we humans have much to learn." ~Ghetsis

"Aim to battle Gym Leader after Gym Leader.  The best way for a Trainer to become stronger is to challenge the Gym Leaders in each area." ~Cheren

"We're fighting for the freedom of Pokémon!" ~Team Plasma Grunts

"See, Musharna evolves from Munna.  So, seeing Munna in trouble, it used its power—making dreams into reality—to save Munna." ~Fennel

"Still, why are Pokémon robbers acting so self-righteous?" ~Cheren

"Trainers bring out their Pokémon's strength.  Pokémon believe in their Trainers and respond to that.  I don't understand what about that makes Pokémon suffer!" ~Cheren

"There are two ways out of Pinwheel Forest—the road that goes straight and the path that winds through the woods." ~Burgh

"Know your enemies, know yourself, and you need not fear the result of a hundred battles..." ~Gorm

"This is bad... Badbadbadbadbadbadbad!  Bad for Team Plasma!  Or Plasbad, for short!" ~Team Plasma Grunts

"The truth is this... The black/white dragon appeared before a hero who sought the truthful way to knit together a world full of warring people.  This black/white Dragon-type Pokémon shared its knowledge—and bared its fangs at those who stood against it.  Together, the power of this Pokémon and the hero brought unity to the hearts of everyone in the land, and that is how Unova was created." ~Ghetsis

"Here in Castelia, we have a lot of different kinds of people.  Everyone's ways of thinking and lifestyles are very different." ~Burgh

"It's the Insect Badge!  It's insectible—I mean, incredible!" ~Burgh

"When I was a kid, my innocent heart was captured by the beauty of bug Pokémon.  I drew with them and battled with them, and after all this time, I continue to discover new things." ~Burgh

"You know, since we left Nuvema Town, I've met a lot of people and I've been thinking about what I want to do in life!  When you look at it that way, Pokémon have given me a lot of new experiences.  Having my Pokémon stolen was just really hard, and I felt really unsure... Still, I gotta say I'm really glad I went!" ~Bianca

"If you see a Pokémon that you want to have join you, be sure to use a good type of Poké Ball.  Because this could be the first and last time you see that Pokémon!" ~Professor Juniper

[To Bianca] "You know, there are many people in this world.  There are people whose way of thinking may be completely different from yours.  Sometimes, this means you may get hurt." ~Elesa

[To Bianca's Dad] "But it's important to keep trying, to learn about the differences between yourself and others... To learn that being different is OK.  And you shouldn't worry.  Trainers always have Pokémon at their side.  Pokémon are wonderful.  It's not only how cute they can be, but also how much you can depend on them..." ~Elesa

[To Cheren] "If there are people like you who pursue strength, there are also people who are happy just being with Pokémon.  There are many different people and many different answers." ~Alder

[To the Team Plasma Grunts] "All of you—huddle around me!  I can't take this cold..." ~Zinzolin

"Team Plasma's ideal/truth... Separating people and Pokémon... It's exactly the same as not having Pokémon in this world at all.  That bunch is a waste of oxygen." ~Cheren

"I don't know how good you really are, but if ya think ya can go, go wherever, and if ya think ya can do somethin', keep doin' it.  Do things how ya want!  Decide yer own limits." ~Clay

"My father asked me to research Klink, which is a Pokémon that looks like a gear, because I am researching the origins of Pokémon and the era they appeared." ~Professor Juniper

"I'm the professor's bodyguard!  Well, that's probably not necessary, but you have to protect important things!"~ Bianca

"This [Chargestone] cave has been around since the distant past, but... Data to prove that Klink existed more than a hundred years ago can't be found.  So that must mean...Klink suddenly appeared a hundred years ago! Where Pokémon came from and where they are going... If we can learn that, I believe we can get along even better!" ~Professor Juniper

[To Cedric Juniper] "My plane is a cargo plane!  It carries cargo, not people!  And you're talking as if places like Kanto and Sinnoh are right around the corner!" ~Skyla

"Don't I have a great eyesight?  No matter how far away things are, a Pilot's eyes can see them!" ~Skyla

"Taking people's Pokémon by force is not right.  That is not real strength!" ~Cheren

"The wonderful combination between you and your Pokémon!  What a beautiful friendship!" ~Brycen

"I've been talking with Bianca, and I'm wondering... Since we left Nuvema Town, has something about me...changed?  Thinking about what I want to do... Thinking about what I should do... It felt like there was nothing... Have I really become stronger?  Or is it just my Pokémon that have?  I don't know anymore!" ~Cheren

"The hero will open up the way to a new world!  Which means you Trainers can all prepare to lose your Pokémon!" ~Giallo

"Those violent flashes of lightning/columns of fire that shot from the tower... That Pokémon has the power to destroy the world!  If it's on Team Plasma's side, and Team Plasma tells everyone to release their Pokémon... No matter whether it comes from fear or admiration... The world can't help but change.  It will become a world where we are separated from Pokémon..." ~Alder

"If I remember the myth, Zekrom's powerful electricity/Reshiram's powerful flame, along with the other Pokémon, devastated ancient Unova in an instant." ~Alder

"I think I understand better now.  Being able to do something for Pokémon—for somebody at a time like this—is strength... I'm sure of it.  And my strength is something that is given to me by Pokémon." ~Cheren

"If you truly desire to keep the world as it is, where Pokémon live alongside people, you must bring the other Dragon-type Pokémon spoken of in legend and battle with our king.  Otherwise, Team Plasma will steal every Pokémon from every person in the world and release them all!" ~Ghetsis

"Team Plasma's king will show the people of Unova that he is stronger than a Champion who keeps Pokémon bound!  And just like the hero who founded Unova, he will be accompanied by the legendary Pokémon.  He will give this order!  "Trainers, release your Pokémon!"  For this, we have prepared a suitable castle for the legendary Zekrom/Reshiram and our king!" ~Ghetsis

"I won't lose!  I'll fight for all Trainers who love their Pokémon, and for all Pokémon who believe in their Trainers!" ~Alder

"What could that guy called N possibly want?  Could he be trying to prove he is right by winning the battle of the two dragons?" ~Alder

"If things don't go as planned, you'll use this Light/Dark Stone.  You'll protect the true future for us and Pokémon." ~Lenora

"If Team Plasma forces everyone to liberate their Pokémon, there will be nothing but sad people!" ~Bianca

"It is my lord N's thought that the two holders of the legendary Pokémon should put their beliefs on the line and strive to find which is the true hero." ~Ghetsis

"From his infancy, I provided him with the education required to become the hero of legend.  Indeed, he has been so acknowledged by the legendary Pokémon.  Such purity of purpose is his.  The liberation of Pokémon of which I... Of which Team Plasma speaks is the separation of Pokémon from foolish people!  That's the ideal/truth!  All Trainers will become helpless to resist us!  We alone will be able to use Pokémon!" ~Ghetsis

"When my perfect plan is set in motion, first a few gullible Pokémon Trainers who are unable to resist Team Plasma will release their Pokémon.  Then that number will become a hundred, then a thousand... In no time, even the Gym Leaders and the Champion will become unable to fight us.  Having a Pokémon will be considered a bad thing!  Even people like the sad little Bianca, whose Pokémon was stolen in Castelia, will be unable to face public opinion and will release their Pokémon!  That's the kind of world we'll make!" ~Ghetsis

"The cooperation of people and Pokémon is how Unova came to exist to begin with.  If a Pokémon really didn't want anything to do with humans, it would simply leave... Capturing a Pokémon in a Poké Ball doesn't mean you've captured its heart." ~Iris

"What you are holding is the Dark Stone.  Zekrom, who will likely awaken from the Dark Stone, and Reshiram, who is already awake, were once the same Pokémon." ~Drayden

"That single Dragon Pokémon, along with twin heroes, brought a new region into being.  And people and Pokémon had happy lives!" ~Iris

"One day, however... The twin heroes, the older brother who sought the truth, and the younger brother who sought ideals, began to argue about how to decide which one of them was right... The single Dragon-type Pokémon that had been with them all that time split its body into two.  One sided with the older brother, and the other sided with the younger brother." ~Drayden

"In the pursuit of truth, the white Dragon-type Pokémon sought to usher in a new and better world... Its name was Reshiram.  And the other, the black Dragon-type Pokémon, sought ideals, and to usher in a new world—a world of good... Its name was Zekrom." ~Iris

"Because the two of them were once the same entity, their battle raged endlessly and neither one could be declared the winner.  They simply exhausted themselves.  The twin heroes proclaimed that there was no one side that was right and ceased the conflict." ~Drayden

"But, but... The two heroes' sons started the battle again!  And an instant later, Reshiram and Zekrom destroyed Unova with fire and lightning!  Then, they disappeared!  But, but... If people work with Pokémon in the right way, we don't have to worry anymore about the world being destroyed.  I mean, Reshiram and Zekrom worked hard for everyone and made a new region!" ~Iris

"Pokémon cannot speak.  People may hurt Pokémon even more by imposing their selfish thoughts on them.  But, no matter what, Pokémon and people believe in each other, need each other, and will continue to live together..." ~Drayden

"In the Unova region, you see, there is a Pokémon called Tornadus/Thundurus that causes thunderstorms.  It flies around the region while letting loose wild wind/lightning and pounding rain.  The heavy rain is ruining the crops I've worked so hard to raise!  What a troublesome Pokémon!  I thought I would try to catch it, but it flies around so fast that even when I thought I'd found it, it just flew away.  In one day, it can make a lap around the entire Unova region.  In the mornings, it's in the south, and in the evenings, it's in the north.  It shows up here in the evenings!" ~An old woman

"We're all different and we should do the things that we can do.  There are many truths and ideals as there are people and Pokémon." ~Cheren

""Eyes brimming with dark flame, this man rejected everything other than himself in order to bring about one singular justice..."  That's part of a novel I'm writing.  I was inspired by the challenger who was just here, and somehow I got a little sad..." ~Shauntal

"Whether or not you get to fight at full strength, whether or not luck smiles on you—none of that matters.  Only results matter." ~Grimsley

"How impudent you are to disturb my sleep." ~Caitlin

"We, the Elite Four of Unova, are sworn to follow the Champion's order to be neutral." ~Marshal

"I should have been able to demonstrate the bond between me and my Pokémon.  That would have shown that brat [N] the worthlessness of his outrageous dreams." ~Alder

"Those in accord with Fate are preserved, and those who rebel against Fate perish.  When the Way is forgotten, duty and justice appear.  One can lose the forest for the trees.  If you make a mistake and do not correct it, that is a second mistake.  Superior men understand what is right.  Inferior men understand what will sell.  There are not two suns in the sky, nor two sovereigns over the people." ~The Six Sages

"Ignoring Team Plasma... That would be a terrible thing for us Gym Leaders to do." ~Elesa

[To the Sages] "I can empathize with some of what you say, but I can't forgive the way you reject everything else!" ~Drayden

"We have been and will continue to be together with Pokémon." ~Lenora

"Your Pokémon, they are doing their best for you, right?  Why would you want to be separated from them like that?" ~Burgh

"Constant dripping wears away the stone.  I've been waiting in the abyss for this day." ~Rood

"We can only do our best and leave the rest to fate.  We've done everything in our power." ~Ryoku

"A single fallen leaf signals the start of autumn.  We know our history.  The emergence of this castle is the harbinger of change in Unova..." ~Gorm

"It is the way of the universe to take from excess and fill emptiness.  Taking Pokémon from people is restoring balance to nature!" ~Zinzolin

"Trainers battle to practice their skills and to grow in experience, but never to hurt their Pokémon.  My lord N has realized this, deep down in his heart...but he has spent too much painful time here in this castle to admit it..." ~Anthea

"N has been separated from people since he was young.  He was brought up with Pokémon... Pokémon that were betrayed, mistreated, and hurt by bad people... Ghetsis deliberately brought only those poor Pokémon closer to N.  N was touched by their plight, and started pursuing his ideal/truth, thinking only of Pokémon.  N's heart is pure and innocent.  But there is nothing more beautiful and terrifying than innocence." ~Concordia

"That room was the world that was provided to our lord N... I don't feel anything, even when I go into the room... But you may feel something." ~Shadow Triad

"To start with, I spurred N into pursuing ideals/truth.  The reason we reawakened the legendary Pokémon now was to give MY Team Plasma more power!  Power to control the fearful masses!" ~Ghetsis

" I created Team Plasma with my own hands.  I'm absolutely perfect!  I AM PERFECTION!  I am the perfect ruler of a perfect new world!" ~Ghetsis

"Since I couldn't become the hero and obtain the legendary Pokémon myself...I prepared someone for that purpose—N!  He's nothing more than a freak without a human heart." ~Ghetsis

[On Ghetsis] "He is the one without a human heart!" ~Cheren

"I was just looking over my Pokédex again and thinking... I sure have met a lot of different Pokémon." ~Bianca

"Ghetsis wandered the lands of this world all over, collecting knowledge of all kinds while searching for like-minded people.  From the moment we met, he understood what I desired.  The ability to understand the minds and the needs of others... This is an ability that everyone needs to survive.  My lord N is a kind and excellent person who understands the hearts of Pokémon.  But, conversely, perhaps his ability to understand the hearts and feelings of people is not developed enough." ~Rood

"Oh, Trainer-who-destroyed-our-castle, I was quite surprised by you!  If you surprise them, both Pokémon and people leave themselves open.  While they're in a state of surprise, they can't use their powers like they normally would.  Our intention was to surprise people by making our castle appear and showing off the legendary Pokémon... At that moment, we planned to deeply impress people's hearts with the awesome power of Team Plasma and the brilliance of our new world.  Now that I've seen the strength of spirit in you and the Gym Leaders, I wonder how effective that strategy would have been, after all.  Maybe that strength of spirit is what's needed to take Pokémon to the next level?" ~Gorm

"We heard about the incident with N's Castle.  If we had received the message in time, the three of us could have helped." ~Cress

"The Seven Sages... We always said we were complete when the seven of us were together.  Now I don't know the meaning of those words anymore.  I guess I don't mind, even if we were being used, but the dream is over." ~Ryoku

"This Relic Castle and our own castle are both crumbling... But what's different is that this Relic Castle is the remains of a civilization.  And our castle left nothing behind..." ~Ryoku

"Strength and strength alone is what matters in this world.  So I believed, until I met Alder here [on Route 5].  But, winning in Pokémon battles isn't all there is to life.  Once I learned that lesson, my eyes were opened to many different things.  We all have our own brand of strength, people and Pokémon both.  The strength to make our dreams a reality, the strength to protect what we hold most dear... Why do I think this way now? " ~Cheren

"Breathing.  Having a heart that beats.  That is simple existence and nothing more for a living being.  That may be the definition of living, but I don't think that defines life.  The experiences of joy and suffering are a vital part of being alive." ~Zinzolin

"An ex-Team Plasma member becomes an ordinary Pokémon Trainer..." ~Team Plasma Grunt

"The Pokémon of our Team Plasma are also fighting for their Trainers.  It was so obvious that I overlooked it... Thank you for reminding me of that.  Pokémon do their best for their Trainers even when they are injured." ~Bronius

"Those who left Team Plasma and are behaving with respect and understanding toward Pokémon... Them, please forgive!  However, those who won't interact with Pokémon in a kind and honest way... Even I will never forgive them!" ~Bronius

"There is a saying... If somewhere in this world there is someone who understands you, it feels like that person is right beside you, even if you're far apart as the end of the land and the top of the sky." ~Giallo

"The legend of Unova is about Pokémon and people working together to build a new world!  The message is that simple and that strong.  If changing the world makes you a hero, anyone can become a hero.  As each of us changes what is in our power to change, so the world itself changes." ~Giallo

"There is a topic on which we must speak.  A report has reached my ears of someone far from here.  Indeed, this someone has spotted a person like N and a...dragon Pokémon.  I depart to substantiate the substance of this information." ~Looker

"This little shrine is dedicated to a Pokémon called Landorus.  They say that when Tornadus and Thundurus were whipping up storms that damaged houses and fields all over the Unova region, Landorus made them stop." ~A young woman at the Abundant Shrine

"Before I send out my Pokémon, my heart always begins to race... Interesting... My Pokémon in their Poké Balls are radiating a happy feeling." ~Cynthia

"You certainly bear a resemblance to that Trainer who faced Giratina..." ~Cynthia

"I love being here [in Unova] in spring and summer.  I can't stay all year, because there's so much to investigate in Sinnoh, as well.  You're a great Trainer, and it would make me happy to see you again sometime." ~Cynthia

"My old partner is resting here in the Celestial Tower.  It was the first Pokémon I received when I became a Trainer.  I come here to ring the bell and comfort its spirit.  It was a strong Pokémon.  It was courageous, noble, and kind... Together, we madly pursued strength... Without even knowing the meaning of strength." ~Alder

"But, in the same way that all stories have a beginning and an end, all lives have an end, as well... It was then that I understood that strength isn't something that remains unchanged forever.  However, the joy one feels in being with Pokémon—that is the real thing." ~Alder

"When you confront yourself, you have to notice things about yourself that aren't too flattering..." ~Cheren

[To Cheren] "Even if you lose in battle, if you surpass what you've done before, you have bested yourself.  Take the opportunity of a battle to look at your opponent, look at the Pokémon involved, and look at yourself!" ~Marshal

"I'll keep battling many Trainers and Pokémon like this, and if I can learn what kind of person I am, it will open up my path.  I'm sure this path will lead me to become the person I'm meant to be.  Pokémon will always be with you and me as we go down our own paths.  Our important friends, Pokémon..." ~Cheren

""I have no idea what day it is today, but I will never forget it for the rest of my life."  That was part of a novel I wrote.  I absolutely love writing about the close bonds between the Trainers who come here and the Pokémon they train." ~Shauntal

"Life is a serious battle, and you have to use the tools you're given.  It's more important to master the cards you're holding than to complain about the ones your opponents were dealt." ~Grimsley

"There are bad ways to win—and good ways to lose.  What's interesting and troubling is that it's not always clear which is which.  A flipped coin doesn't always land heads or tails. Sometimes it may never land at all..." ~Grimsley

"The reason I came here in the first place was to encounter Trainers like you..." ~Caitlin

"In myself, I seek to develop the strength of a fighter.  And shatter any weakness in myself!  Prevailing with the force of my convictions!" ~Marshal

"I am grateful for what you did about N.  I don't know what he's thinking now, but I'm sure he realizes that different people and Pokémon have their own paths to follow." ~Alder

"This room is the Hall of Fame.  It exists to commemorate the Trainers and Pokémon who have demonstrated their stellar strength and kindness of heart." ~Alder

(Note: This does not include N's quotes, which are in a separate journal entry.  Read them here:…)
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